3 easy home workout exercises for you

Exercise and recovery go hand in hand, and this is especially true when you exercise from home. Without the help of fitness staffs and trainers, it’s important to combine your exercise at home with an efficient routine for recovery to make sure that you acquire the most out of your exercise at home. Try these 3 home workout exercises to enhance your home workout during this unprecedented period.

The 3 home workout exercises are as follows:

1. Kettlebell balancing

Kettlebell swings are great for building strength in your back, glutes, and thighs.

First, place the hood at a full distance in front of you. Keep your shoulders with neutral back and “walk” the hood under you. Make sure to hang from your hips and maint a strong grip and keeping your arms straight.

Root your heels firmly to the ground, then straighten your back like a pendulum to straighten your hips and send the bell forward.

When the hood reaches its highest altitude, it should “float” because gravity controls it and returns the hood under you. Continue this swing as you perform this exercise with a tight core, rooted heel, and firm grip.

2. Kettlebell Split Squat

This home workout is used to build strength and stability in the lower body’s muscles, especially the quadriceps and quadriceps.

For this exercise, we keep the bell on the same side as the front knee.

Begin by holding the bell with the palm of your hand raised and shoulder level while turning your wrist inward until the bell rests on your shoulder to reach the correct starting position.

Take your other side foot and place it behind you on a knee-high seat.

Support the seat with the same foot, either with the toes or the top of the foot, and straighten the hips to point forward.

To ensure the correct starting position, jump forward on your lead leg so that your back knee has enough room to bend without your lead knee on your lead foot.

Without releasing your bell at the shoulder, try bending your torso in a forward direction in about thirty degrees.

After you get to this position, you should bend your front knee as you lower yourself into the seat at a diagonal angle.

Once your knee is just inches off the ground, straighten your leading knee and lift yourself back to the starting position.

During this exercise, keep a tight core, front torso, and square thighs.

3. Knee with Kettlebell and One Arm Overhead Press

This exercise is great for building strength and strengthening the upper body’s muscles, especially the muscles of the shoulders and back.

Begin in a semi-kneeling position by placing one knee directly under your thigh and the other knee in a straight line with your foot.

For this exercise, push the bell down on the same side as your knee. To ensure a proper grip, extend the bell with the palm of your hand and rotate it until it is at shoulder level while turning your wrist inward until the bell rests on your shoulder for the correct starting position.

When you’re done, push the hood up and down while turning your wrist so it’s directed away from you.